Inclusion of royalties in the custom value of goods for import tax

The royalties paid abroad must be included in the customs value of the imported goods for the purpose of calculating the amounts due for Import Tax – II, PIS / Pasep and COFINS-Import and IPI? In answering such questioning, the class of the Third Judgment Section of CARF stated that “under the terms of arts. […]

Excessive import and export bureaucracy affects $ 140 billion in business

An unpublished study by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) shows that a quarter of Brazilian exports, totaling US $ 49.21 billion, had to apply for an export license last year. The main problem with these licenses is the insecurity created by the unpredictability of what anuences are required and their cost, as there is […]

Foxconn calls the commercial dispute between the USA and China a “technological war”

Foxconn, the largest electronics outsourcer manufacturer in the world, said Friday that the Chinese and US governments are engaged in a non-commercial, technological war and described the dispute as greatest challenge faced by the company. US President Donald Trump said on Monday that Washington would charge 10 percent import duties on $ 200 billion worth […]